DC motor controls PLN

DC motor controls PLN

Single-direction PWM for low-voltage PLN series DC motor speed control; there are two different types, as shown in the characteristics, catalog and manual.

 DC Motor Speed Controls Installation and maintenance instructions The main features of low voltage single direction PWM DC motors control PLN 19-8 are:

  • Line voltage at terminals FA1 and FA2: 12 – 24 Vac or 15 – 35 Vdc
  • The speed of the drive is to be controlled by potentiometer, 10-15 KΩ
  • Current Limit trimmer, in order to suit the board for small motors. In order to limit the current, turn clock wise the trimmer
  • Output voltage from terminals FA3 and FA4, from 0 up to Vdc MAX which is proportional to the input voltage. With 35 Vdc input voltage, the max output voltage is about 30 Vdc
  • Output current (*): Maximum output current allowed: 8 A in a ventilated environment, continuous duty.
  • Weight: 0.120 Kg


The main features of low voltage single direction PWM DC motors control PLN20 – PLN40 are:

  • Transistor bidirectional drive with regenerative current system.
  • Following settings can be adjusted (by built in trimmers): acceleration ramp: 0.5 - 10 sec, deceleration ramp: 0.5 - 10 sec, current limit 100% - about 30%
  • Room temperature: 0°C / +40°C (alarm below zero)
  • LED for system diagnosis
  • Switching frequency: 16kHz
  • Covered
  • 5-10 kΩ Speed pot. or 0-10 Vdc external signal for speed regulation
  • Variable current limit
  • Thermal sensor for protection


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