Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions

  1. Orders to PPS must be placed in writing. PPS will not be responsible for errors that may occur if orders or quotations are not placed in writing. Quotations must be accepted in writing. Orders will be binding upon PPS issuing a written acceptance of order. Purchasing terms at variance with those contained herein will not be binding on PPS unless accepted in writing.
  2. Goods shall be sold at the current price at the time of the order. Unless otherwise stated, all quoted prices exclude VAT, storage, delivery and other similar costs.
  3. While every endeavor will be made to comply with stated delivery times, PPS cannot be held liable for any damages or costs arising from any cause resulting in a failure to deliver. PPS has the right to deliver goods in separate installments. Each installment must be paid as if it were a separate order and contract. PPS has the right to suspend deliveries if the customer is in arrears with any payments due to PPS.
  4. In the event that PPS delivers the goods to a customer, or that a customer collects the goods from PPS, the signature of any of the customer employees will be sufficient proof of proper delivery. If the goods are delivered to the customer by a third-party carrier, then the carrier will be deemed to be the customer’s agent, and the signature of the carrier will provide the same proof as that of a customer employee. No claim for discrepancy between invoice value and delivery will be valid unless stated on the delivery document. Ownership of all goods will remain with PPS until the goods are paid for in full. The customer herewith gives PPS irrevocable permission to enter its premises, or the premises of another party, and repossess any goods in respect of which ownership has not yet passed to the customer. Any such goods affixed to any movable or immovable property or to other goods shall be severable there from. Risk in and to all goods will pass to the customer on delivery.
  5. If an order is cancelled or goods are returned, then PPS has the right to charge a reasonable fee. Acceptance of a cancellation of an order or the return goods is solely at the discretion of PPS.
  6. Good shall be paid for in full prior to or upon delivery unless a credit facility for the customer has been approved in writing by Principal Power Solutions. Any unpaid amount that has become due will attract interest at a rate of 2% per month, charged from time to time. The customer will be liable for any costs and damages incurred by PPS while enforcing this agreement, including collection and legal costs on a scale between attorney and client.
  7. New goods are supplied according to the manufacturer warranty. For a warranty claim to be valid, goods must be returned to PPS by the customer and accompanied by an original tax invoice. A description of the claim must be submitted to PPS within 3 days of the alleged defect occurring. Decisions regarding any warranty claim shall be at the sole discretion of PPS. The liability of PPS shall be restricted to the cost or repair of the faulty material or workmanship and PPS shall not be responsible for any damages of whatsoever nature, including consequential and penal damages.
  8. No relaxation or indulgence with PPS may grant the customer or failure to enforce any of our rights shall at any time hinder our rights to enforce compliance to this agreement. The South African Law shall apply to all transactions.